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What is Your End Result?

There are many ways to lead people in worship.
There are many songs you can sing.
There are many visuals you can use.

But ultimately, it is not about the songs or about the visuals.
It is about Jesus.

As you plan and prepare, know where you are leading your people —  then take them there.

Ask if Extended Family is Willing to Let Go

When considering hiring a worship leader, ask if the extended family is supportive. If the new position requires a move for the worship leader, it may take him and his family away from in-laws and family.

Most parents want their children and grandchildren to live within a short drive from family. However, God may be calling the worship leader and his family to move.

PASTORS: Be sure to ask if the extended family is supportive. Talk about it with prospective leaders.

PARENTS of GROWN CHILDREN: Give counsel, but let your children go to regions to pursue the calling God has on their life to serve.

ADULT CHILDREN: Help educate your parents. Let them know your heart. Keep communicating with them about your vision and your calling.

Letting go is not easy, but necessary for Kingdom work.

Lead Out of Your Strength

When watching coaches on shows like THE VOICE or AMERICAN IDLE, many times the vocalist is told to be themselves instead of trying to sound like another artist.

The same concept is true for worship leaders. Many times, worship leaders try to sing in a style or range that is more distracting to the congregation than it is helpful.

Worship leaders need to build their confidence by leading in their strength.
Worship leaders need to keep things simple with they are not confident in their voice.
Worship leaders need to be willing for others to speak into their lives to help them be stronger leaders.

You, the worship leader, know where you are weak and where you are not confident. Take time each week to gain strength so you are transparently leading others to worship our God and NOT DISTRACTING those who came to worship.

Worship Leaders Willing to Go

I have had the privilege of serving in churches in Texas. I have also had opportunities to attend many churches and conferences, primarily in the south, and have realized that many churches have an abundance of talent and worship leaders.

I have become aware in recent years that as thousands of churches are planted across the US, Canada, and the world, there are hundreds of churches who are in desperate need of worship leaders.

My wife, Lisa, and I are committed to finding individuals who have a heart for missions, a skill set for leading worship, the DNA of a church planter, and who are willing to either raise their own support or find a job in a city. We desire to connect them to a church plant pastor for two years with a goal of helping with much of the church plant needs AND with worship leadership.

If you want more information, we would love to hear from you. Go to and complete the INITIAL INFORMATION FORM (under the menu title: MOBILIZE).

CLICK HERE to link for a direct link to the form.

We are praying that God will raise up leaders willing to go.


Remember Your Family


You may have moved to a new city with your new job. While you are making new friends at the church, your wife may be busy setting up your new home, getting the kids into new schools, and helping with all the transitions of life in everything outside of the new job.

Remember, it takes time to transition, not just for you, but for your entire family. Don’t forget about them. Spend time with your wife and kids. Ask them questions. Find out how you can help them adjust quickly. It will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Focus on the immediate priorities in your new job AND focus on time with your family. You will never regret it.

Transitioning from Easter to Summer

Easter is the one day that the church is filled. The family who attends church once a week, once a month, or once a year ALL attend church on Easter.

You’ve prepared so well for Easter, but how will you prepare for the Sundays of summer when attendance may be down?

Take some of that creativity and energy you poured into planning for Easter and begin planning for special times of worship in coming weeks when the room will not be as full as it was on Easter.

Also, now is a great time to reflect on what you liked as you led worship on Easter. Write down any other ideas or songs that you wish you could have included. Then, next January, get those ideas out and begin making plans for your next Easter.

Thank God for all He did in the hearts and lives of those who attended your church on Easter Sunday.



What is Your Focus When You Prepare?

Excellence in musicianship and leadership is extremely important. But more important is time alone in the Word and with Jesus.

Plan time for personal worship each day as you prepare to lead corporate worship.

Church Planter and Worship

If you plan to help a new church plant by leading worship, you need to first understand being “ALL IN” as a church planter.

Your number one goal should be to work closely with the pastor in ANY AREA that is needed with helping lead and shepherd the people.

engaging with individuals in the community
loading in and out
recruiting volunteers
and so much more

You are a church planter whose skill set is music and leading worship, not a worship leader that happens to be at a church plant.

Keep your priorities in line as you lead.

Flow of Worship

Most of the congregation will not notice, but FLOW is crucial in worship planning.

Spend time really thinking about your transitions as you plan.

What key are you leaving and going to?
What are common words in the songs that connect?
What is the style of the song?
What are some common themes in the songs that connect?
When will you say something between songs?
Why do you say something between songs?
Are you using scripture on the screens and if so, how do they help the flow?

If you begin working on better flow, spend time afterwards evaluating.

Remember, it is not about the songs or the flow, but about pointing those who are worshiping to the throne!

Ask Them to “Sing Out”

When leading, it is important to encourage the congregation to sing.

It is all relative.
If they are singing a little, have them sing more.
If they are singing some, have them sing more.
If they have lots of energy, lead them to have more.

Worship grows stronger when the majority of the congregation is singing. You, the worship leader, are responsible to get them to participate and sing.

So, try this the next time you lead.

1) As you start the chorus for the second time through, ask the congregation to “sing out.”
2) Get them to sing louder and louder as you lead, then drop all the instruments out and let them hear the voices a cappella.

Confidence in congregational singing will help lead to stronger worship experiences.


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